Race Control Software for iRacing


Take Control of the Race

  • Live Track Positions
  • Track Maps (For selected tracks)
  • StreamDeck Plugin
  • PDF race report
  • Sequencer:
    Automate things like pit open/close, random yellows, stage yellows, messages, and more
  • Log of cars sectors and laptimes
  • Incident-logging for all cars
  • Logs pit-lane time and pit-stop times
  • Can log notes about drivers
  • Can send notifications to drivers, either private or as race control message
  • Can throw random yellows with time slots and probability
  • Auto Steward:
    Can throw yellows based on total incident count, 1st lap incident count or 10 seconds incident count.
    Can give drivers warnings/drive-through/stop-go/dsq when reaching user set inc value.


iRaceControl v. 0.12.2

The latest version of iRaceControl.

[All Versions (with changelog)]

NOTE: You do not need an account to use iRaceControl in free mode.


All the maps currently available.
You only need this if you want to run an older version of iRaceControl, or there have been map-updates but not a new iRaceContol version.

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