Race Control Software for iRacing


Take Control of the Race

  • Live Track Positions
  • Track Maps (For selected tracks)
  • StreamDeck Plugin
  • PDF race report
  • Sequencer:
    Automate things like pit open/close, random yellows, stage yellows, messages, and more
  • Log of cars sectors and laptimes
  • Incident-logging for all cars
  • Logs pit-lane time and pit-stop times
  • Can log notes about drivers
  • Can send notifications to drivers, either private or as race control message
  • Can throw random yellows with time slots and probability
  • Auto Steward:
    Can throw yellows based on total incident count, 1st lap incident count or 10 seconds incident count.
    Can give drivers warnings/drive-through/stop-go/dsq when reaching user set inc value.


iRaceControl v. 0.13.1

The latest version of iRaceControl.

[All Versions (with changelog)]

NOTE: You do not need an account to use iRaceControl in free mode.