Race Control Software for iRacing


iRaceControl v. 0.13.1

  • CHG: Added the missing labels in the settings dialog for the timing view.
  • CHG: In the selected car box and the pdf report, unofficial lap times are marked with an *.
  • CHG: IF the PDF-report don't include any logos, the results/stage results starts at the top of the page.
  • FIX: PDF-report will now be generated if stage results contains classes with equal speed values.
  • FIX: Offline testing is now treated as a practice session by the sequencer.

iRaceControl v. 0.13.0

  • ADD: A settings dialog for the PDF Report. Under Export in the menu.
  • ADD: A new timing column; Laps since pitted. Gets reset to 0 when a car exits the pit lane.
  • ADD: A GUI for changing the timing view columns and their parameters. Settings > Timing.
  • ADD: PRO FEATURE: Possibility to add pre defined race control messages in Settings/usermsg.txt. They will appear as buttons in the PRO FUNC button box.
  • ADD: PRO FEATURE: Scoring a stage at any time with a MANUAL STAGE-button on the PRO FUNC button box. This will score a stage based on the current running order.
  • CHG: Removed the FCY as a build-in button. Can be added as a user button if requred.
  • CHG: Changed the new red/green-buttons to only send a single race control message. And they will add the proper race log entry. No actual functionality.
  • CHG: A slight reordering of the elements under the Settings menu.
  • CHG: The flag column in the timing view will now not draw flags on top of each other as long as the column has space.
  • CHG: The sequencer will in a race settion show the racing actions also during pace laps. And any pace lap actions and race actions during get in car and warmup.
  • CHG: When a stage yellow is thrown by the sequencer, the stage is also scored. The cars up to and including the position that triggered the stage is scored by the order in which they crossed the s/f-line. The rest are scored in running order when the yellow was thrown.
  • CHG: Changed the color of the track wetness status in the weather box to orange. Added a line to the seconds graph showing the track wetness over time. Also in orange.
  • CHG: The graph for amount of rain now always has 0 for the graphs lowest value.
  • FIX: Don't add slow-events for cars in the pit entry and exits.

iRaceControl v. 0.12.3

  • ADD: All lap-based sequencer actions now have a position parameter.
  • ADD: If a car is slow or goes offtrack, a yellow-flag event is added to the race log for that car.
  • ADD: Horizontal scrollbar for the timing view, when needed.
  • ADD: Full Course Yellow, Red flag, and Green flag command to the ProFunc button box. These are for now just race control message macroes.
  • CHG: The Pace Car/Yellow event (Yellow background event) is now always visible. The yellow flag filter is now for the car's yellows.
  • CHG: Action buttons now get a slight highlight when you hover over them.
  • CHG: The Race log and Car log now expands to fill available horizontal space.
  • FIX: Laps for cars should not go to 0 even if telemtery data is 0 laps.
  • FIX: Another source for cutting of the right end of a cars line in the timing view corrected.
  • FIX: The wind direction is now limited to between 0 and 360 degrees.
  • FIX: iRating shown without decimals in the PDF report.
  • FIX: The session type scroll don't show a sliver of other states.

iRaceControl v. 0.12.2

  • ADD: A new toggle to switch the gap between time behind leader or laps behind leader for lapped cars.
  • ADD: Optional red line in the timing view deliniating cars that have failed to reach the per cent qualifying limit. The limit is set under Settings > eneral.
  • FIX: A PDF-report bug regarding spectators and pace car data causing the report to fail is corrected.
  • FIX: If a DirectX input device is removed, or can not be read from, log it and don't try again, instead of filling the crashlog ad infinitum.
  • FIX: Set Last Laptime and Best Latime to right aligned in the timing view, as they should be.
  • FIX: Include empty GAP/INT columns in the total car timing width calculation, as to not cut off right end of data.
  • FIX: Incident groups in the race log are now hidden if all incidents inside is filtered out.

iRaceControl v. 0.12.1

  • ADD: When using the Pace Car command buttons, a PACE CAR COMMAND message is generated using CACS.
  • CHG: The Message log - What is actually sent to iRacing and/or SDK Gaming, is now stored in the .bin files.
  • FIX: Set CACS's defaults _before_ reading in the settings.cfg file.

iRaceControl v. 0.12.0

  • ADD: Customizable timing view column order and widths by editig timing.cfg in the Settings subdirectory.
  • ADD: A number of different columns for the timing view, see the manual for the full list.
    • The default timing columns have been changed, with some of the more exoteric ones removed, as users can add them back in themselves.
  • ADD: Class laps led available as a timing view cloumn.
  • ADD: Tyre compound columns available for timing view. Id, name, icon.
  • ADD: Tyre compound changes are logged.
  • ADD: New timing view column showing the number of fast repairs used.
  • ADD: User selectable cameras for CAM SEL by editing cameras.cfg in the Settings subdirectory.
  • ADD: "Cameras" that goes to the next car ahead or behind on track.
  • ADD: CACS can now send a message when a car gets or clears a black flag. NOTE: If you give a car a penalty, this CACS message will also trigger if that car is given a black flag from iRacing, potentially causing a double message.
  • ADD: New box displaying current weather data. Select between the Selected Car box and the Weather box by clicking on the appropriate label.
    • Pro users get more data, such as temperature and rain graphs, average vind speed (last 2 minutes), gust (max vind speed last 10 minutes)
    • Units can be selected under Settings > General
  • ADD: The license expiry date is displayed in the status bar.
  • ADD: More granular log filtering.
  • CHG: In the default camera set, the NEXT/PREV buttons now goes to the next car ahead/behind on track. New buttons for going to next/previous car based on position has new labels P+/P-.
  • CHG: Moved all configuration and settings files into Settings subdirectory.
  • CHG: Updated car class names
  • CHG: Furled black flag log entries now behave like pit-lane and blue flag entries. When the the flag is cleared the entry is updated with the duration of the flag instead of creating a new entry.
  • CHG: The logging of cars finishing the race is now always enabled. But can be hidden with the new log filters.
  • CHG: When a car enters pit-lane after taking the chequered flag, the pit-stop counter is not incremented, and an entering pit event is not logged.
  • CHG: CACS has gotten a more sensible default setting.
  • FIX: Gracefully closing the license server connection instead of just killing it.
  • FIX: If crashlog.txt can't be written to, only a single error message should pop up.

iRaceControl v. 0.11.2

  • ADD: AUTO CLR is now mappable in Settings > Controls and in v.1.0.8 of the StreamDeck plugin.
  • FIX: Made sure the pace car gets drawn at the bottom of the timing list, even if iRacing gives it P1.
  • FIX: The auto steward will now not give out penalties if the blue flag time is set to 0.

iRaceControl v. 0.11.1

  • FIX: If iRaceControl can't write to crashlog.txt, a messagebox will tell the user, and not put the program in an endless loop.
  • FIX: Custom Stop/Go-penalties now works again, and sends the correct CACS message type.

iRaceControl v. 0.11.0

  • ADD: Sequencer sets. Sets of sequencer actions can now be saved. And you can either load a set into the sequencer, or add a set to the sequencer.
  • ADD: Closing and Opening of Pit entry as sequencer actions, both time and lap based.
  • ADD: Can add sequencer actions for Practice, Qualifying, Get-in-Car and Parade Laps.
  • ADD: A new column in the timing view counting the number of times a car has gone to NotInWorld, called NIW. When a car goes to NIW a log entry is also created.
  • ADD: A new column in the timing view counting the laps led by a car, called LL. Increments when a car is the first one to start a lap.
  • ADD: F11 toggles fullscreen mode.
  • ADD: Toggle in Settings > General to select if cars finishing the race is logged.
  • ADD: Under Settings > Network, a list of all connected clients are now available.
  • ADD: If you are a network server, the number of connected clients are shown to the right on the status bar.
  • ADD: If you are a network client, the name or ip-address of the server are shown to right on the status bar.
  • CHG: AUTO CLR now clears penalties as they happen, instead of every 10 seconds.
  • CHG: Blue flags are now on a per lapping car basis.
  • CHG: Blue flag penalties are applied as soon as the time limit is reached.
  • CHG: When a blue flag is cleared, the duration of the blue flag is added to the blue-flag log entry instead of getting its own entry.
  • CHG: Removed temporary lines from CACS settings pace car dropdown.
  • CHG: Updated private message syntax to be in line with what iRacing is using.
  • CHG: Removed car number from pit stop time lines in car log.
  • CHG: Sequencer display on main interface has been widened to be able to show more info.
  • CHG: Sequencer display on main interface only shows actions applicable to current session/subsession.
  • CHG: Sequencer display on main interface is scrollable if there is more actions than can fit.
  • CHG: The sequencer action list in settings > sequencer is scrollable if there is more actions than can fit inside.
  • FIX: Position numbers don't disappear when the sim is put in pause.
  • FIX: Columns in the timing view has gotten realigned.
  • FIX: If the log-in dialog has to appear, for whatever reason, the new version of the stream deck plugin will still be able to connect to iRaceControl.
  • FIX: Added forgotten locks to racelog to avoid crashing of interface elements.
  • FIX: Using session names instead of session type for the incident reports in PDF export.
  • FIX: Closing a network connection is now done properly and should not generate any entries in crashlog.txt.
  • FIX: Issuing a STOP/GO Xs penalty will now issue correct hold time. (When the driver removes pit service items)

iRaceControl v. 0.10.5

  • ADD: A StreamDeck-plugin is now available.
  • ADD: If there is a problem with the license server, an admin in our Discord can provide an override code to enable pro features.
  • ADD: Green flag logged in race log.
  • ADD: One lap to green flag logged in race log.
  • ADD: The settings for blue flag triggering can now be customized under SETTINGS > GENERAL.
  • ADD: The Autosteward can now act if a blue flag isn't cleared in a set time.
  • ADD: Toggle to select if you want the cars speed displayed in the timing view, and in MPH or KPH.
  • ADD: The PDF-report has gotten a page where any log entries not linked to a car is listed.
  • ADD: The sequencer adds a race log entry when it does something.
  • CHG: If you close the log in form, the program exits instead of going to free mode.
  • CHG: If there is a problem with your license, such as a wrong username/password, the log in dialog is shown again instead of going to free mode.
  • CHG: Full course yellows are logged when the flag is received from iRacing. There is a race control note added if it is called from iRaceControl.
  • CHG: Race control log entries that isn't race control messages are shown with purple text in the race log.
  • CHG: Race events (FCY, Green flags, etc.) are now displayed with lap numbers in the logs.
  • FIX: The sequencer-settings window can no longer cause a crash due to delete-buttons not being completly removed upon deletion of a sequencer entry.

iRaceControl v. 0.10.4

  • ADD: PRO FEATURE: Logging of blue flags. The blue flags are calculatied by iRaceControl, since iRacing don't give out the blue flag data. Current hard-coded values: (To be user editable in the future) Gap to trigger: 1.5s, minimum time to log: 0.5s, minimum duration: 2s.
  • ADD: The number of decimals in sector times for the timing view can be adjusted under Settings > General. (1 to 4)
  • ADD: The duration of SDK-Gaming messages can be set.
  • ADD: Option to auto connect on startup under Settings > General.
  • CHG: The CACS settings dialog has got OK and CANCEL buttons, so you can cancel out of any unintended changes.
  • CHG: Sector times are interpolated to get better precition for more decimals.
  • CHG: Setting for shortform messages moved from General to CACS.
  • CHG: When using the action-buttons (lower left corner) there will be a log entry.
  • FIX: A calculation error in the interpolation of lap times has been corrected.
  • FIX: The SDK Gaming integration tries to find the room in both UK and US servers.
  • FIX: PDF-export won't crash anymore if a ghost car is in the race data.
  • FIX: Time penalties are actually being applied again.
  • FIX: SUPPs will now reconnect all on their own if the MAIN goes down and comes back up again. They can also sit and wait for MAIN to come up in the first place.
  • FIX: A couble of collections have been protected from being changed while enumerating.
  • FIX: Most Exciting camera select now works.

iRaceControl v. 0.10.3

  • FIX: Yellows with ignore time now gets thrown instead of ignored.
  • FIX: CLASS SORT and WAVE LAPS works again. (Got broken in 0.10.2)
  • FIX: Car actions works again. (Got broken in 0.10.2)

iRaceControl v. 0.10.2

  • FIX: The autosteward has been awoken after falling asleep in 0.10.0, and given lessons in how to use the CACS system.
  • FIX: Convinced the NO-AC ALL function to also process incident groups.

iRaceControl v. 0.10.1

  • ADD: Map can be popped out, for those with extra screen area.
  • ADD: Setting to not trow a new yellow if a FCY is active.
  • ADD: Indicator to show if autosteward end protect is active.
  • ADD: Time from pit-in to pit-out added to pit-out message, if calculatable.
  • ADD: Start lights display.
  • CHG: Slowed down the speed at which chats are sent to iRacing to avoid running into the 'speed limit'.
  • CHG: LAST LAP in the timing view is white for unofficial times.
  • CHG: BEST LAP in the timing view is greeen unless it's purple.
  • CHG: Sequencer messages about yellows now in uppercase.
  • FIX: Spelling investigating correctly.
  • FIX: When clearing data, telemetry is now restarted correctly.
  • FIX: iRaceControl is now more willing to keep receiving data when restarting iRacing.
  • FIX: Sector times is not stored if the car is not-in-world.
  • FIX: Loading camera groups when loading stored data.
  • FIX: No more blank lines at the end of race log or car log when pit lines are hidden.
  • FIX: Cars should not jump around in the timing anymore view after finishing the race.
  • FIX: Can now set focus to car number 0, usually the pace car.
  • FIX: Getting the race start delay should now happen every time.
  • FIX: GameSyns fixed the Pocono map.

iRaceControl v. 0.10.0

  • ADD: CACS, the Chat And Command System. Allows for more detailed control over where and how messages and command are sent.
  • ADD: Control Mappings. Global controls can be assigned to certain commands in iRaceControl. Can be a keyboard button, a mouse button, or a joystick (wheel) button. These will trigger at any time, even if iRaceControl isn't the program with focus.
  • ADD: Possible to give reason for time penalties.
  • ADD: Verification dialog for ADVANCE button.
  • ADD: Pit stop counter when in a race. The counter is incremented when a car enteres the pit lane.
  • ADD: Pit stop times are logged. The time is from when the car enters the pit box until it leaves it again.
  • ADD: Separate yellow ignore time for the sequencer. Defaults to 0 seconds.
  • ADD: The background color of the race control message textbox changes to red when there are too many characters to fit in a single iRacing chat message. the background color changes to orange when there are 5 characters remaining until red.
  • ADD: Lap counters.
  • ADD: User editable headlines for SDK-Gaming info and penalty messages.
  • ADD: Button to mark all unresolved, noticed, and investigating incident as NO-ACTION. [PRO ONLY]
  • ADD: Message box when adding a random time or lap yellow, and the end is before the start.
  • CHG: Max ignoretime for autosteward yellows increased to 999 seconds.
  • FIX: Correct number of completed laps in csv-export.
  • FIX: Incident Report Window now also is on top if so is set.
  • FIX: When clicking REPLAY when an incident group is selected focus is set to a car in the group.

iRaceControl v. 0.9.4

  • ADD: Option in Settings > General to select source for car roundel colors.
  • ADD: NO ACTION, INCIDENT, and NOTICE enabled for incident groups.
  • ADD: The car that has focus in iRacing has its team/driver name in yellow.
  • CNG: Lap triggered messages are now sent when the leader STARTS the set lap.
  • FIX: Hover and selection highlights for the car log works properly now.
  • FIX: Dialog-boxes is now shown on top even if alwaysOnTop is set to true.
  • FIX: Sequencer now works even if you join a race after it has started. WARNING: This will trigger any actions passed by either lap or time.
  • FIX: Replay speed reset to normal when double-click-selecting a car in the timing list.
  • FIX: Map files can now have empty comment lines in them.
  • FIX: CarLog will no longer stop printing lines after encountering an not shown flag line.
  • FIX: Incidents will only search own session for escalation.

iRaceControl v. 0.9.3

  • ADD: Button to auto clear all penalties every 10 seconds.
  • ADD: Button to sort the field by class.
  • ADD: Button to wave around all lapped cars.
  • ADD: Setting in settings.cfg to show speed of cars in the timing view.
  • ADD: Setting in settings.cfg to set iRaceControl as always-on-top.
  • CHG: Using the session name instead of type in the PDF-report.
  • CHG: iRaceControl yellow flags for cars don't show until cars have been slow or off track for more than 0.5 seconds, it will then remain active for at least 2 seconds.
  • CHG: Track Circle pit-lane moved innwards to avoid overlapping car markers.
  • CHG: Track Circle uses CW/CCW direction of track if provided.
  • FIX: Drawing of yellow zones on track map improved.
  • FIX: Track map highlights don't wobble around the car roundel anymore.
  • FIX: Increased allowance for SDKgaming message size.
  • FIX: Crash when getting non-existant grid postions for heat races.
  • FIX: Information is now getting through even if there is no planned/raced qualify-session.
  • FIX: Sending race start offset to supps now uses same method for encoding and decoding.
  • FIX: Network clients should now be getting the correct race-start delay.
  • FIX: Time penalties are synced across network.
  • FIX: Class-position numbers are not drawn badly anymore.
  • FIX: Only show cars that raced in a heat race in pdf-export.
  • FIX: PDF-export will generate even if some cars don't have laps registered.
  • FIX: Race time will no longer reset after a full course yellow.

iRaceControl v. 0.9.2

  • FIX: Error in carclassnames caused crash of timing view with multiclass.

iRaceControl v. 0.9.1

  • ADD: 30 new car class names.
  • CHG: Use iRacing lap times if we get them.
  • CHG: Car flag log messages more in line with other log lines.
  • CHG: Don't show OUT in timing during practice and qualifying.
  • CHG: Draw '-' in 7-segment displays with the center segment, not a box.
  • CHG: Moved car type ahead of car class in the timing view.
  • FIX: Incident markings on track map now visible again.
  • FIX: Can set lap based massages on lap over 100.
  • FIX: A possible crash in timing view.
  • FIX: Getting correct grid posisions for heat races.
  • FIX: Sorting cars that are out of the race correctly.
  • FIX: Triggering on start lights for more accurrate race times.

iRaceControl v. 0.9

  • ADD: Support for Heat races.
  • ADD: Last used email is remembered.
  • ADD: Support for water and grass in track maps.
  • ADD: Shortform messages for all incident actions.
  • ADD: Lap chart in PDF-report.
  • ADD: Black, Furled black and Meatball flags for cars logged.
  • ADD: Toggle to select wether to display flag events in log windows.
  • ADD: Preprogrammed Race Control messages, either by time or lap.
  • CHG: Set INT as default for timing.
  • CHG: Map ID visible in map-view bottom left corner.
  • CHG: INT will blank when car changes position.
  • CHG: Cars not-in-world is shown with OUT in timing.
  • CHG: INT/GAP visible not only during race.
  • CHG: "YELLOWS" renamed "SEQUENCER".
  • CHG: Stop recording sector time after taking checkered flag.
  • CHG: Incident reports in PDF have a slight change in layout to fit longer comments.
  • FIX: New drivers name displayed in pdf-export car events.
  • FIX: Set session data to correct encoding.
  • FIX: RaceLog should not crash if the race log is busy.
  • FIX: SUPP won't double count incidents anymore.
  • FIX: Emails with +'s in them work now.
  • FIX: PDF-exports from tracks with more than 5 sectors won't have overlapping stuff.
  • FIX: Using the timing tapes to order the cars in pdf and csv-exports.
  • FIX: Race Control messages now has correct time stamp in the race log.
  • FIX: Lap based yellows will be thrown even if the window has passed.
  • FIX: Time based yellows are thrown even if they are at the edge of the window.

iRaceControl v. 0.8.1

  • CHG: The FAULT iRacing status-light has its trigger set to a more useful value.
  • CHG: Can log in with enter-key after entering email and password.
  • FIX: The number of X in the last Y seconds now know what time it is.
  • FIX: Special characters supported in password.
  • FIX: Clean driving inc drop now obeys the direction of time.
  • FIX: Network MAIN now uses the set port, not the default.
  • FIX: Network SUPP should not double connect in certain situations anymore.
  • FIX: Network SUPP should not be lingering anymore at MAIN after disconnecting in an uorderly fashion.
  • FIX: Stop crashing when big datasets comes from SDK-Gaming.
  • FIX: Network settings are now remembered.
  • FIX: Incident groups now transmitted correctly to Supporting controllers.
  • FIX: When updating an incident inside an incident group, the correct one is updated on other networked controllers.
  • FIX: Cars' incident count and color now updates from networked controllers actions.

iRaceControl v. 0.8

  • ADD: Incidents occuring at the same time and place can be grouped.
  • ADD: Incident reports for incidents/incident groups-reports in PDF-report.
  • ADD: SDK-gaming integration. Race-Control messages can be sendt to SDK-gaming. For now only messages from the text box are sent.
  • ADD: Data can be autosaved every 5 minutes. Toggle on under Settings > General.
  • ADD: Networking. Multiple race controllers can controll the same race.
  • ADD: The position witch triggers the pit-closure on stage yellows can now be set differently than the yellow trigger position.
  • ADD: Toggle to select between INT and GAP in race timing.
  • ADD: Indicators for iRacing CPU/Skew/Faults problems.
  • ADD: Setting to select short-type messages. (INV and NOTED)
  • CNG: "Random yellows" renamed to "Yellows".
  • CNG: The NOTED and INV messages are now in line with F1 practice.
  • CHG: Staged yellows now uses 1-index counting for position istead of 0-index.
  • CHG: If GAP/INT is 1000 seconds or more, 999.99 is displayed.
  • FIX: Line-wrap on incident comments in PDF-report for drivers.
  • FIX: The DEPLOY for safetycar is instant, regardless of other toggles and settings.
  • FIX: Stints for cars are now ended properly when advancing to next session.
  • FIX: Laps in SELECTED CAR now uses all available space.
  • FIX: A off-by-one error that would spam index-out-of-range messages to crashlog.txt
  • FIX: Optimized some painting function to decrease cpu load.
  • FIX: Pits now don't close if not checked for stage yellows.
  • FIX: Can set lap on stage yellow above 100.
  • FIX: Can scroll to see all laps for selected car.
  • FIX: INT is now correct for lapped cars.
  • FIX: iRaceControl is now more picky about witch process to cling on to for finding the iRacing window.

iRaceControl v. 0.7.2

  • ADD: Posibilty to add lap-based random yellows, and stage yellows. Stage yellows have an option to autoclose pit entry 2 laps before yellow is thrown.
  • CNG: Adding and deleting random yellows is moved to its own window under "Settings" in the menu bar.
  • CNG: Less spacing between digits in car number on circle/map.
  • CNG: Removed the "Across the line!" log line when cars finished the race.
  • FIX: Added TESTING to session type scroll.
  • FIX: Saving and loading data is working again after being broken in 0.7.1
  • FIX: Time-based random yellow now work after a race reset.
  • FIX: The Timing list should jump less around during race start.
  • FIX: "CLR ALL" button no longer sends an "unknown command".
  • FIX: Cars are now sorted correctly in the PDF-report, also on short (oval) tracks.
  • FIX: If your car id is 0, you will now get a chequered flag in the timing view when finishing the race.

iRaceControl v. 0.7.1

  • FIX: You can now enter bigger numbers than 99 for minutes when adding a new random yellow.

iRaceControl v. 0.7

  • ADD: Car class and type is shown in the timing when in a multiclass session. Car type is shown in singleclass session.
  • ADD: Toggle to switch between driver and team names in timing, race log, and car info.
  • ADD: Driver changes are logged.
  • ADD: Driver names, and stints are printed in the PDF-report.
  • ADD: Menu option to clear all data. (It might not seen to get new data for a while, just be patient)
  • ADD: Option to add logos/sponsors to PDF-report.
  • ADD: Cam Sel now has buttons for "most exiting", "crashes" and leader.
  • ADD: Cam Sel har buttons to select "prev" and "next" car by position. (Only works during race afaik)
  • CNG: Switched a font.
  • CNG: "STOP/GO 30" and "STOP/GO 60" have been replaced with "STOP/GO" and "STOP/GO Xs".
  • CNG: Long messages sendt to iRacing are now split over multiple chat messages.
  • CNG: "File" menu renamed "Data".
  • CNG: Replay Controls has lost its 16x, and gotten 1/4x instead.
  • FIX: Scrollbars can now be dragged.
  • FIX: Cancelling a incident dialog box won't give the penalty anyway.
  • FIX: Driver names in the race log are now the driver at the time of the event, not the current driver.
  • FIX: Maps can now have text with letters.
  • FIX: The car-info in the PDF-report now can span multiple pages if needed.
  • FIX: Random yellow now uses correct clock.
  • FIX: Results can span multiple pages in PDF-report.
  • FIX: Long names now get squeezed into available space at certain places.
  • FIX: Performance optimisation on track map
  • FIX: On tracks with more than 6 sectors, the PDF-reports driver reports are in single column.
  • FIX: Cars that are towed on the last lap are no longer placed first on the PDF-report.

iRaceControl v. 0.6.2

  • ADD: Setting in settings.cfg for enabling more logging.
  • FIX: Replay-data is not processed, unless toggled in settings.cfg

iRaceControl v. 0.6.1

  • ADD: "Are you sure you want to quit?"-dialog.
  • CNG: Clicking on a car in the timing-view selects it. Doubleclick selects it and focus is set to it in iRacing.
  • CNG: Selecting an incident in the incident log, the car and incident is selected, but not focused in iRacing. A doubleclick will select and set focus.
  • FIX: Setting focus on correct car with "00" and "000" numbers.

iRaceControl v. 0.6

  • ADD: More granular notification settings.
  • ADD: Autosteward can drop incs for clean driving. (The count inside iRaceControl)
  • ADD: Clear all-button for clearing everyones pending penalties.
  • ADD: Can tag incidents with NOTED or INVESTIGATING.
  • ADD: CSV export. (Same format as iRacing race-result export from website)
  • ADD: Time penalties. Only affecting the race reports/exports.
  • ADD: Spectators are always at the bottom of timing.
  • ADD: SessionType-scroll now has WARMUP in its 'vocabulary'.
  • ADD: 0x-button for selected driver, to enable giving penalties without logged incident.
  • UPD: The PDF-report has gotten a good workthrough.
  • FIX: Map and Timing not crashing when ghosting/spectating a race.
  • FIX: Selected car not crashing when moving to another race.
  • FIX: Selecting a driver in iRaceControl that has a car number with leading zero(s) puts focus on correct car in iRacing.
  • FIX: Can scroll to see the last lines in the log boxes.
  • FIX: Pace Car and Spectators no longer appear in the exports.
  • FIX: Car class colour-block always visible when in a multiclass session.

iRaceControl v. 0.5

  • Layout have been rearranged.
  • ADD: Camera Select with more options.
  • ADD: Incident log with all incidents. Toggles to select what to display.
  • ADD: Logging of program crashes.
  • ADD: Maps can now have text in them.
  • ADD: Logging of pitting and fastest laps.
  • ADD: Multiclass support.
  • CHG: Map-files no longer require sector-values.
  • CHG: The big buttons light up for a split second when pressed.
  • FIX: Auto Steward now clears its incidents if a race is reset.
  • FIX: Better race finished detection for cars.
  • FIX: Yellow flags don't flutter when gridding.
  • FIX: AutoSteward don't trow yellows during practice or qualifying.
  • FIX: The iRacing SDK no longer sometimes keep running even after iRaceControl had exited.

iRaceControl v. 0.4

  • ADD: AutoSteward
  • ADD: Animated position changes on the timing list.
  • ADD: Wave-around and EOL commands for selected driver.
  • ADD: Log of all messages sendt to the iRacing chat.
  • ADD: Scrollbar in incident list.
  • ADD: Highlight selected car in track map.
  • ADD: Higglight leader in track map. Togglable.
  • ADD: Lap number logged for incidents.
  • ADD: When Yellows Detail is High, you can ignore yellows.
  • ADD: Intervals in timing list when in race.
  • ADD: Detection of slow cars (Less than ~18 km/h(5 m/s))
  • ADD: Tiny checkered flag when car finishes.
  • FIX: Rounding error in "Session Rem Time".
  • FIX: Messagelog resizes with its window.
  • FIX: Deleting a random yellow now works every time.
  • FIX: More correct strenght of field number on race report.

iRaceControl v. 0.3a

  • BUG FIX: Conversion of seconds to certain time formats are now correct.

iRaceControl v. 0.3

  • Track map shows map if map is loaded sucessfully.
  • Incidents are marked on map. (10 minute fade-out)
  • Can save and load the app data.
  • Lone qualify now displays correctly in the session type scroller.
  • Can export a PDF race report
  • Changed incident replay pre-roll from 3 to 5 seconds.

iRaceControl v. 0.2

Initial public release